GameFace Awards Co-Founder on the importance of B2B recognition

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Industry awards afford recognition to those that may otherwise go unnoticed at the consumer level. Alongside opportunities for sponsors to position their brands alongside recognised excellence, industry awards create a celebration and spectacle for professionals to enjoy themselves and the work their peers produce.

The GameFace Awards is an esports B2B awards programme. Founded last year by Dan Grabiner and Jeremy King, the management team behind Festival of Media has been responsible for producing global advertising sector‘s leading award programmes over the last 15 years.

Esports Insider sat down with King to learn more about the group’s debut esports B2B awards programme, his experiences working in media outside of esports, and other plans for GameFace.

Credit: GameFace

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Esports Insider: Hey Jeremy, let’s get right to it. What is the purpose of The GameFace Awards and how did it come about?

Jeremy King: The main objective is to connect global brands to the esports sector. The concept was borne from the global media directors of Danone, Procter & Gamble P&G, Unilever and Adidas asking us if we could help them understand how to incorporate esports into their media and marketing strategies.

We have relationships with senior media and marketing figures from global brands and media agencies, and could easily provide a pathway for them to connect to esports organisations. One way to do this was to create a set of B2B awards, which an inclusive jury of global brands, media agencies and esports experts could debate, preside over and discuss the key work being produced in the sector.

This then allows brands and media agencies to gain an understanding of how esports organisations operate and how they could potentially partner with them. We also realised there wasn’t any award programme in the space solely recognising the B2B achievements of the esports industry. 

ESI: Your other company, Festival of Media, specialises in B2B events and awards. Why did you decide to create a new company that solely focuses on esports, as opposed to adding a branch?

King: After speaking to a number of influential figures in the esports industry, it became clear the sector was keen to develop partnerships with global brands. We realised we could leverage the brand connections we have and help amplify the esports sector to the wider media and marketing hub and also to the wider business community.

What also became clear was that esports organisations need help on how to talk to brands and to understand the amazing inventory they have at their disposal. What was also apparent was that there wasn’t one source that allowed brands and agencies to understand the esports sector.

As a result, we decided to launch GameFace with awards, advisory and benchmarking verticals. We also discovered there wasn’t a set of awards that would allow them to celebrate their internal teams and help boost internal culture within their organisations.

esports b2b awards
Screenshot: GameFace Instagram

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ESI: With your experience in B2B events and media, what are the benefits of celebrating companies through an award structure?

King: A great question. In our experience, B2B awards programmes help businesses entering [esports] in a number of ways. It helps win business and gives w3d an edge when it comes to pitching for new clients.

Secondly, it helps develop a great internal culture whereby staff feel valued and proud of their achievements. Awards also provide an opportunity for entrants to benchmark themselves against peers and competitors. 

ESI: An awards show is only as good as the judges that represent it. How crucial was it to find the right balance of experts for the GameFace Awards? And who are some of the names involved?

King: This was vital to the success of the award programme. We realised two things very early. Firstly, we needed to create an inclusive jury to ensure the conversations and debate over the work fully represents society today.

Secondly, we wanted to make sure our jury had strong opinions and included global brands and agencies. As a result, we have the global media directors of the two biggest spending brands in the world in Unilever and P&G, as well as Adidas and Virgin — alongside the likes of Jay Ann Lopez, founder of Black Girl Gamers, and professional esports player Jeannail ‘Cuddle_Core’ Carter. Our brand jury members have combined marketing spend of more than $5 billion.

ESI: Could you talk to us a little bit more about the judging process and how winners are selected?

King: We’re going to be implementing the same judging process we have used for the last 15 years in the Festival of Media programmes, which has won a couple of awards. The judges will discuss, debate and evaluate all of the work and then collectively decide on what deserves to be the gold standard.

It may be that the judges don’t believe there is a piece of work that reaches the gold standard but instead should be highly commended. It’s a tough and transparent process. Any judge involved in any of the work submitted will be recused from the judging process for that particular category to ensure the marking is completely objective. 

ESI: It says on your website that it costs £250 to enter. What is the reasoning behind the price? 

King: This is the business model we have used to great success for the Festival of Media over the last 15 years. The cost of £250 provides the entrants with the opportunity to showcase their businesses to global brands they would otherwise not be able to talk to.

It’s a cost-effective piece of marketing that also provides them with great content and amplification of what they are doing as businesses. We will also be providing feedback for those entrants who don’t win or are highly commended, which will include thoughts from the judges and our experience in what makes a winning entrant. 

Effectively, the £250 fee facilitates an introduction to global brands and agencies keen to incorporate esports into their media and marketing plans. The opportunity is for partnerships worth £1m plus, so it’s a very small investment for great reward. 

Esports b2b awards
Screenshot: GameFace Instagram

ESI: How much time was put into creating the categories and criteria for the awards?

King: We spent six months curating the categories to enable us to properly celebrate and make heroes out of the people and businesses driving the esports sector. We realised that no one else in the industry is purely focused on the B2B element, and it’s here where the key business deals can be facilitated.

We wanted to make sure we were different to all of the other award programmes in the sector, by being purely B2B and creating categories different to those already in the space. We’re all about giving the esports sector the opportunity to showcase itself to global brands, and benchmark itself against peers and competitors. 

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ESI: Finally, are there any other plans for GameFace besides the awards event?

King: Yes, there are. We have two more verticals to the business. Alongside the awards, we have a benchmarking business, which will allow brands and agencies to gain a greater understanding of esports organisations from the type of content they produce to the content and views they share on social media platforms.

The other vertical is advisory, where we can help esports organisations understand how to present and pitch their assets to brands — and equally, help brands connect with the right esports organisations. 

The GameFace Awards features a total of 27 judges, including ESI’s Managing Director Sam Cooke, alongside Katrina Palanca, Director of Sponsorship Operations of Twitch, Allan Phang, Regional Head of Marketing & PR at EVOS Esports, Verta Maloney, Co-founder & Chief Community Officer at the*gameHERS and many others.

Last Friday, The GameFace Awards’ announced via social media an extension of its submission period to the 13th of May, giving two more weeks of opportunity to those interested in entering the esports B2B awards programme.

Learn more and submit entries at the GameFace website.

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F1 Esports China Championship Returns for 2021!

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May 2, 2021

The F1 Esports China Championship is back! The first and only region-specific chapter of the F1 Esports Series returns for an enthralling third season, blooming into life with an extravagant event at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, Jiading District, Shanghai.

The event brought together all 10 teams in competition in the 2021 Pro League, getting the competitors up to speed for the 2021 season. With signings, live performances, presentations and more, the two-day event showcased the very best digital racing talent, and led straight into the first two rounds of competition on May 2 – Shanghai and Bahrain.


Familiar faces were in fine form on Sunday, with 2019 champion Tang Tianyu once again coming out on top, winning not only the opening round of the season, but a highly-coveted MVP award too. Reigning champion Yuan Yifan took second, showing that the two existing champions have lost none of their speed, and continue to set the standard in the championship.

Boosters’ Triumph took the crown at the first round

Tang’s team, Boosters’ Triumph, also scooped the top team trophy in the first round, leading the championship after the first two races. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for the other nine teams to catch up.


Round 1 (May 2) – China and Bahrain
Round 2 (May 16) – Spain and Monaco
Round 3 ( May 30) – Azerbaijan and Canada
Round 4 (June 13) – France and Austria
Round 5 (June 27) – Great Britain and Hungary
Round 6 (July 11) – Belgium and Netherlands
Round 7 (August 22) – Italy and Russia
Round 8 (September 5) – Singapore and Japan
Round 9 (September 19) – USA and Mexico City
Round 10 (October 3) – Sao Paulo and Australia
Round 11 (October 17) – Emilia Romagna and Portugal
Round 12 (November 21 – Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi

In addition to the 24-race calendar (reflecting the 2021 F1 calendar plus China, and with the original Canadian Grand Prix race included) a six-week transfer window will be available to teams halfway through the season.

Beginning on July 12 and ending on August 21, the window will allow teams to update their rosters as they focus on attacking the second half of the season, building towards the live final in November.


The 2021 season is split into both Amateur and Pro classifications. The Amateur events will consist of four regional events in the North, East, South and West of China, with qualifying and regional finals for each geolocation. After that, the very best of the best will battle it out at the Amateur Grand Final, which will run alongside the Pro League Grand Final.

The route to the Pro Final is slightly different, with 10 teams fighting over the above 12 rounds, consisting of two races each. All 12 rounds will be broadcast on TV, with the Pro League Grand Final providing the final and most lucrative platform to showcase driving talent.


It’s not only the pride of China on the line. The very best racers in the Pro League Championship will progress to the F1 Esports Series Pro Exhibition in 2022, where they will be available for selection by the 10 official F1 Esports teams.

Tang Tianyu (2L) and Yuan Yifan (3L) picked up where they left off

In both 2020 and 2021, this was the fate of both Tang Tianyu and Yuan Yifan, who were the top two drivers in both previous year’s competitions. Both will feature in this year’s F1 Esports Series Pro Exhibition, where once again they’ll be available for selection by the 10 official teams. Tune in on May 27 to see how they fare!

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Ada kaum tempat di mana Anda dapat membeli tiket lotre. Jika Anda mencari negosiasi bagus untuk tiket, Seoul adalah tempatnya.

Orang-orang dengan penghargaan buruk ditawarkan persetujuan khusus dan pelamar kredit buruk jadi pelamar kredit leta untuk mengisi aplikasi mereka. Hal dengan hebat tentang tersebut adalah bahwa itu diberi pilihan untuk jenis lotere apa yang ingin tersebut mainkan.

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Lotere ada sepanjang tahun dalam berbagai wilayah Korea. Sangat menyenangkan bisa mengunjungi daerah lokasi Anda bermain lotre saat permainan tetap aktif. Ini merupakan salah satu kausa mengapa orang permainan lotre dan itu lebih mudah dilakukan jika selalu aktif di daerah Kamu.

Peluang Anda buat menang tergantung di dalam jumlah yang Dikau masukkan. Di kurang lebih daerah, Anda dapat mendapatkan angka nun lebih baik dan pembayaran yang kian tinggi. Ketika jackpot tinggi, peluang Kamu untuk menang lebih tinggi.

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Jika Kamu belum memiliki saluran untuk mencoba lotre, Korea, maka Anda kehilangan kesempatan. Seperti kebanyakan orang, Kamu telah mencari jalan untuk menghasilkan duit. Lotre adalah salah satu cara terbaik guna menghasilkan uang.

Aturan lotere di Korea sangat berbeda dari di Amerika Serikat. Anda dapat memeriksa aturan lotere pemerintah daerah di kawasan Anda.

Menyenangkan bermain lotere, Korea. Seharga butuh sedikit saat dan usaha.

34th Premier League Matchweek Preview

Prediksi oke punya Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Info gede lainnya muncul diamati dengan terjadwal lewat notifikasi yang kami lampirkan di laman ini, serta juga bisa ditanyakan kepada operator LiveChat pendukung kita yg menunggu 24 jam Online untuk mengservis semua kepentingan antara pengunjung. Lanjut secepatnya join, serta menangkan jackpot Buntut serta Live Casino On-line terbaik yg nyata di website kita.

Things are becoming more interesting in the Premier League with every passing round. City have a ten point advantage with five rounds to go and it’s pretty much impossible that they would squander that away. However, the rest of the Top 6 is more complicated than ever. United have a five point cushion over Leicester and their table position seems to be safe at the moment. Leicester bounced back when it was needed the most as they sit 3rd with a four point advantage over 4th placed Chelsea. Nevertheless, that last UCL spot is so contested, we can’t even imagine how the table will look at the end. The London Blues have a three point advantage there but they also have to play in the UCL. This means teams like West Ham, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Everton will challenge them for that spot.

Premier League Matchweek 34
Premier League Matchweek 34

The title race might be over but the remaining fixtures will make bitcoin betting as popular as ever. Below, we will review the fixtures that could impact the EPL table the most. First, we have Everton in a home fixture against Aston Villa. If the Toffees can win this one, they will definitely challenge Chelsea for the last UCL spot. Next, we have the derby of the round between the Premier League’s biggest rivals. The Red Devils host Liverpool in a game that could decide the season for the Reds. If they fail to beat United, their chances of finishing in the TOP 4 will be pretty much over. Last but not least, we have the Spurs at home against the already relegated Blades. Tottenham need a strong performance here and a big win to raise squad spirit. For more Premier League news, head over to their official website.

Premier League Predictions & Bitcoin Betting Tips

Everton vs Aston Villa


Still with a game in hand on the sides above, coincidentally against Aston Villa, Everton come into this one knowing Champions League qualification remains an attainable goal. Achieving a first league double over Arsenal since 1985/86 last time out has boosted their nine-game Premier League (PL) form (W4, D3, L2), yet just two victories within 90 minutes across their 13 competitive home matches during 2021 (D5, L6), and eight opening goals conceded during that time, highlights improvement is needed if they’re to fulfil their European ambitions. Even if the ‘Toffees’ start fixing that poor home form here, we can still expect a tight contest. Three of their five home league wins this season have been by a one-goal margin, and they’ve actually recorded the division’s joint-highest number of such victories home and away (11).

Aston Villa

Following a run of one PL win in eight matches (D3, L4), Aston Villa have most likely accepted a push for Europe now would be a step too far. A recent frustration for them will be that they’re winless across their previous three games despite scoring a first-half opener in each (D1, L2). They’re also winless in the last three fixtures in which they netted first at Goodison Park (D2, L1). In truth, Villa’s record in the blue half of Merseyside is a poor one and they’re without a win in nine competitive visits (D5, L4). They conceded 2+ goals in seven of those matches, although, they have restricted their opponents to one goal or less in five of their previous six PL away games (W2, D2, L2). Since losing Grealish to injury, Villa haven’t been the same team. Chances are they won’t be able to win against the Toffees.


The first time these sides met, it was a very even fixture which finished 1:1. Nevertheless, that game was part of the last season as these sides are yet to meet in this one. Their first meeting earlier this season was postponed due to Covid-19 and they are yet to play it. In this one, Everton have the home turf advantage as well as the squad quality. Their team is pretty much complete right now while Villa have injuries to some of their most important players including team leader Grealish. Nevertheless, backing any side to win is extremely risky and doesn’t carry enough value. For that reason, we are backing a Both Teams to Score outcome @ 1.73 odds.

Everton vs Aston Villa

Manchester United vs Liverpool

Manchester United

This late-season Premier League (PL) derby between England’s most successful clubs is probably more important for top-four seeking Liverpool than a Manchester United side that’s all-but assured of Champions League football next season. United’s midweek 6-2 Europa League win over Roma again showcased their late-game prowess – they’ve averaged 1.43 goals scored per game after the 70th minute across their last seven competitive fixtures! Curiously though, they’ve played out a league-high seven goalless draws this term, more than they have in one season since 1980/81 (eight). Aptly, nine of the last ten competitive H2Hs either finished 0-0 or witnessed scoring after the 70th minute (W2, D6, L2). After the performance against Roma, the Red Devils will try to do the same against their bitter rivals.


Winning against Roma after trailing at the break highlighted another trend as they haven’t claimed a HT lead in any of their last three home PL matches (HT: D2, L1). Meanwhile, the ‘Red Devils’ have only lost one of the last 15 home competitive H2Hs (W10, D4) and none of the last eight (W4, D4). With a better recent first-half league record (HT: W3, D1, L1) Liverpool might look to capitalize should their hosts start slowly. Having dropped four points via goals after the 85th minute in their last two league games, they might have to score early to give themselves a chance. Although unbeaten in four league away games (W3, D1), those wins all came ‘to nil’ without scoring before first-half injury-time. Incidentally, their last success at Old Trafford came with a clean sheet.


Squad quality and current form mean nothing when it comes to this derby fixture. United and Liverpool have one of the biggest rivalries in the Premier League. At the moment, the Red Devils are in an excellent position which means this fixture means a lot more to a troubled Liverpool side. With five rounds to go, Liverpool are four points behind the last UCL spot. If they lose here, their chances of finishing in the TOP four will be reduced to almost zero. They need to find a way to get a positive result against United. With that being said, we are backing an Over 2.75 Goals outcome @ 2.08 odds.

Manchester United vs Liverpool

Tottenham Hotspur vs Sheffield United


The Spurs are hanging on to hopes of a top-four finish after the disappointment of a League Cup final defeat to Manchester City. With all but one of their ten Premier League (PL) defeats this term coming against the top ten (as of round 33), this looks a breeze on paper for the hosts. Don’t discount a fast start, as no PL side has scored more than Tottenham (11) in the opening 15 minutes, which has helped beat a -1 handicap on ten occasions. Recovering from a HT deficit to win in the PL for the first time since December 2019 in their last home game, ‘Spurs’ have now won six of their last seven competitive games here (L1). Confidence should be especially high as Tottenham are yet to lose against the bottom 12 sides at home this season (W7, D2), conceding no more than a goal per game.

Sheffield United

Relegated Sheffield United picked up their fifth win of the season with victory over struggling Brighton, with each of those wins coming via a one-goal margin. Indeed with 16 of their 26 PL defeats also seeing them lose by a goal, no side has seen so many narrow margin results. One solitary away league win – strangely at Old Trafford where they also recorded their sole away HT success – has been accompanied by a league-low seven away goals. Despite the close nature of their PL games, the ‘Blades’ have averaged 2.67 ‘goals against’ in six away games against the current top-eight sides, and are yet to keep an away clean sheet. The Blades are already relegated so they have no pressure at all. As we saw last week against Brighton, they know how to win, regardless of their situation.


It has been a disappointing couple of weeks for a Tottenham side that decided to sack Mourinho. At the moment, they still have a chance to get the final UCL spot if things go their way. However, for that to happen, the Spurs will have to win all remaining games and hope for some other results to go their way. They need to increase the spirit in the locker room, something that can be done with a strong performance and a massive victory. Spurs scored three against Sheffield the first time they met. Now, with home turf on their side, Tottenham have to try and get an ever better outcome. For that reason, we are backing a -1.75 Asian Handicap outcome @ 2.03 odds.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Sheffield United

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Immortals Increase Rossy as Alternative For Nature

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The Valorant Champions Tour has been a blast so significantly. As Riot’s 1st mega Valorant tournament, it has surpassed all anticipations and put the activity significant on the listing of some of the most popular esports online games nowadays. Quite a few teams arrived from 2020 experience self-confident, getting performed some decreased-tier tournaments with not substantially at stake, but at the time they entered this event it proved to be a entire different beast.

Immortals achieved great effects in VCT Stage 1, but when they ended up predicted to do the exact in Stage 2, anything just felt off. In light-weight of recent effects, they’ve determined to a bit change their roster by signing Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo and offering him a long-lasting location on the squad.

On the other hand, Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison’s contract has been terminated. He’s been on personalized depart due to the fact April 1st, but as of this moment, he’s no for a longer time concerned with the organisation.

What could have led to this?

A lot of individuals seem to be to forget about that Valorant Champions Tour is a 12 months-prolonged occasion. If you’re in it, you are aiming for the top, and that is VCT Champions in December. That’s a good deal of time you have to dedicate to just one game, one staff, and a single goal.

The severe truth is that not many can take this tempo for a whole lot of diverse reasons. For some it’s burnout, for others it’s absence of willpower. Some have selected specifications and expectations and if the workforce they’re in does not live up to all those anticipations, they’re going on someplace else.

NaturE’s private crack was what ignited the spark and led to this adjust in the roster. Though we do not know for sure what brought on him to prevent mid-match, it could be any of the factors described earlier. This also poses a significant query – can you seriously get a break in this sort of a competitive ecosystem? It unquestionably lessens your probability of being on the group.

Image Credits | Immortals

Some players can do it. TenZ, for illustration, took a split from aggressive participate in in C9 Blue and glance at him now. He’s continue to a single of the most effective, if not the best participant in Valorant suitable now, and performs for the greatest NA staff.

No matter what the circumstance might be, Mother nature is out and he’ll have ample time to determine out his following transfer.

Rossy, even so, just bought an prospect of a lifetime and he took it. He was actively playing with Immortals in the course of Phase 2 and the crew have already formulated wonderful synergy. He’s a excellent in shape, in particular because he can perform several Agents and suit various roles. The moment Immortals do the job out a very good tactic, this team could at the time again soar to the major.

Immortals could rise all over again

Immortals were a workforce that stepped into VCT Phase 1 and carried out extremely well. Second location on VCT Phase 1 Challengers 1, followed by a 3rd place in Challengers 2 – they had been seeking great! On the other hand, the very first Masters function and the Phase 2 Challengers that followed ended up type of a combined bag.

The matches they would usually win, they had been now battling. This is a common concept among the qualified teams in Valorant suitable now, and that’s deficiency of consistency. We have to remember that Valorant Champions Tour is not a dash, it’s a marathon. It’s essential to get, but also to maintain profitable.

Potentially Immortals have to have one thing much more, possibly an extra demo or two so they can discover their solutions and do the job on new crew composition and practices. They could also decide for a entirely various decision and attempt a 6-person roster. It is performing for some groups, so perhaps it’ll function for them much too.

In the finish, Immortals are continue to a really robust staff. There is no doubt about that. They just have to dust on their own off and check out again. They’ve demonstrated to be ready to rival almost anyone in NA, so the subsequent time we see them perform, they may well clearly show up stronger than ever.

We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do upcoming. Adhere to us for much more news, critiques, and Valorant betting predictions.